February 26, 2016 Basic enemy AI complete including wandering, chasing, and attacking.

Rock Golem Enemy

February 21, 2016 A new quest is in the works. Added a rocky/mountainous area to the map and a hostile enemy:

A quest!

February 17, 2016 Quest functionality added! Help a little squirrel out:
Look at all these darned owls! Us squirrels used to reside peacefully here in Ferny Wood.
Now we spend our days fearing for our lives!
Maybe a big strong raccoon like yourself could help take care of a few owls for me.
Do you accept? [Y] / [N]

Sitting by the fire

February 14, 2016 Twisted Bark is a HTML5 RPG starring a raccoon. It is to be a more polished improvement on a game I made a year ago, Turtle Wizard.
Current features include: